Audition Tapes

“Good is always better than fast” - Francis Ford Coppola

The Audition Tapes Story…

We started creating the occasional “self- tape” in 2016. It wasn’t very common back then and there was a lot to learn. Through consulting many industry professionals involved in casting we began to discover what was needed to get the best possible tapes. We’ve been lucky enough to work with really great actors over the years.  Their own unique experiences of the industry and insights into the audition process continue to shape how we do things.

Since those early days knowledge has grown, the equipment has been upgraded and we think we know what we’re doing…But we’re still learning, we keep up to date with changing trends and care passionately about the work.

Why choose this service? 

One of the major drawbacks of doing a self-tape at home is that more often than not you have no help to shape the scene, troubleshoot technical issues or have anyone to work with who can offer an objective viewpoint – to help identify what might work best for your specific audition tape.

When you choose to have your audition tape done with us you get quite a bit more than just the filming. There’s a lot of help on offer and a collaborative spirit to help support your work. Our knowledge of scene structure is invaluable and we believe is second to none. And there’s advice and ideas from someone with many years’ experience in the business as a director, actor and coach – at no extra cost. All the tapes are done with care and a rigorous attention to detail – the images and dialogue are always crystal clear and can be tweaked to meet your needs, your agents needs and the needs of the casting team.

There’s never any guarantee you’ll get the part based purely on a fantastic looking, clear sounding tape. But offers a competitively priced, unique and tailored service that aims to get the very best from you and your script.

How much time should I book?

There’s not a straight forward answer to that question because a number of factors will influence the outcome. However, a basic rule of thumb is that reading a scene typically takes about 1 minute per page. Other factors to consider include: number of takes we end up doing as well as your own familiarity with the work; and playback time. Also, in our experience, if you are a bit out of practice…it will always take a bit longer than you think. So bear these things in mind when booking. 


Playback is considered part of your booked time. If you are worried about the time, it’s always better to over book by half an hour – if you don’t use it we won’t charge you for it. 

Who Will I Be Working With?

My name is Matthew Truesmith and I have worked with actors as a director, coach and teacher for over 20 years.

Solid Gold:

If you are looking for a bespoke self-taping service in the heart of London that gives you a bit more than just point and shoot…get in touch. We often take last minute bookings and can sometimes accommodate weekends too. Just fill out a booking request form or if you need a same-day tape just call . We are conveniently located in the very heart of London – close to Seven Dials in Covent Garden – and there’s lots of ways to get here. For pricing and fees look here. 

How do I pay? How much is it?

Payment methods Logos.

Sessional Fee: This is for up to one hour.

This price includes the following:
  • Direction and help with the scene – if you want it.

  • Professional video equipment using high quality lenses

  • Professional audio working in an acoustically treated Space

  • Full lighting.

  • An experienced actor to read with you.

  • Up to 3 edited & fully processed takes per scene.

  • Each finished tape is checked for colour balance, skin tone accuracy and audio levels.

  • Secure download link to your files sent via “Smash”.

  • Choice of delivery format with lossless compression applied.

Beyond the first hour

After the first hour the rate is charged in 15 minute increments based on £30 an hour.
  • For example:

  • 1 hour and half will cost £70.

  • 2 hours will cost £85